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Hi everyone,


Aunt Lisa / Friday, February 16 2007 12:53 AM

Well Owen i am sure that daddy will miss you, but he just has to share. He has had you to himself and mommy for 3months and now we want a piece of you litterlie i just want to kiss you , lol. I just want to see you in person not in a pict, you look great in a picture but i want to hold you and play with you , just like they get to do every day. I just can't wait it's been 3 longs months. :). And just remember to tell mom to look away when we spoil you , cause you are gonna get that lot when you are home. Mom has to remember when she spoiled Jessie & Ty i had to look away well pay back is here lol i remember everything she did to them so now it your turn my little buddy Owen . Love you so much Owen Love aunt Lisa. :0).