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All is well with us...hard ...


Mon Oncle Paul Emile & Betty / Saturday, February 14 2009 02:16 PM

Congratulations on baby Cooper. From the pics we are seeing he looks to be another beautiful boy just like his brother. Hope everyone is doing great

Mon Oncle Paul Emile / Sunday, November 30 2008 03:43 PM

So very happy to hear about the new baby. Owen is going to be soooo helpful. Hope all is well with you. We love all the pics and videos. Owen is growing so fast and watching him has been so delightful. Love to all

Gail / Wednesday, October 29 2008 05:01 PM

Congratulations Douglas and Michelle. If you're going to have another little boy, it's great thay're going to be close enough in age to be playmates and pals and who knows, one of these days, they'll both have website for their babies. Funny how things work out!! lol Gail

Jess / Monday, October 27 2008 01:41 PM

Another boy! Congrats! Welcome to the 2-boys club. Hopefully Owen won't be as insistent as Spencer that his brother's name be "Winnie-the-Pooh".