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Hi everyone,


We've been really busy over ...


Gail / Friday, March 9 2007 11:21 PM

It was very cool meeting you, Owen. You're a strong baby boy...not easy to hold; but, I loved it just the same. This summer, we'll have to get a wee pool and put it in the back yard. Can't wait to see you again in July. Gail xo

Aunt Lisa / Wednesday, March 7 2007 11:37 PM

Well Owen it was great to have you , mom and dad home , it was not long enough for us , but i think mom and dad were getting jealous of sharing you or maybe they want the attention for them lol just kidding , we can't wait till you come home again it want be soon enought for us . I didn't get enought kisses from you , but i will just have to wait i guess till we meet again . In the week that you were home i could see you growing , so i can just imagin how you will go in the next months. Mich and Doug you have best put or teach that kid to use the web cam lol , we need to see and hear that cute baby at all times and keep the pic's comming you can never take enought . O.K. Love you all and miss you very much XOXOXOXOX. Lisa. ;)

Diane / Wednesday, March 7 2007 06:32 PM

Sweet boy!!! I used to work with Theresa and we spoke the other night and she told me to take a peek. Precious. : )